4055 8th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105
Office: 206-880-3681


LaVita Apartments is located in the University District of Seattle. Check out the Map!

Local Info

Here's some useful information for new residents:

10 Minute Commute to School: Just head straight East and in about 10 minutes, you will be on the main campus of the University of Washington.

Shopping: On "The Ave" there are small shops for your daily needs. Just down the hill past campus there is also the University Village with dozen of stores with an even larger selection.

Food: Whether you're looking to buy groceries or eat out, there's a Trader Joe's just a 6 minute walk North and several restaurants on "The Ave".

Travel: There bus stations located nearby and if you need to get somewhere quick, try out Uber or Lyft. Coming 2016 there will be a new Link light rail station in the U. District just 7 minutes away.